UK Tax Credit - FAQ

UK Tax Credit - FAQ

In this article I wanted to do things a little bit differently and tried to put more focus on the questions which are asked the most frequently with respect to application for and obtaining one of the UK Tax Credits, be it about the more complex Working tax credit or the easier Child Tax Credit. For specific sums use the online calculator you can find on the government’s Tax Credit section.

Application Conditions:

  • One cannot claim this credit if he or she is already in the Universal Credit Program
  • If one has already reached the pension credit qualification age

Tax credit calculator: this is a calculator that helps applicants to count how much they are due to get paid if they apply in this program.

What you need:

  • Need your total yearly income ( tax paper SA302 templates from last year’s tax is the best to have)
  • If you are receiving the highest amount of benefit being in the below programs:
  • Care Component of Disability Living Allowance
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Enhanced Daily Living Component of Personal Independence
  • Different calculation for those whose partner has a disability depending on the rate of disability.

What other help can one obtain to find out more about this tax?

  • There is a Tax Credit Helpline which one can call for a more detailed information. Phone number is featured on the government’s page for Credit Tax.

How to claim the application form?

  • It can be downloaded and submitted from the government’s website
  • It can be obtained to be sent via regular mail if someone requests an application form in their local tax credit office ( visiting or calling them)

This is a calculator that helps applicants to count how much they are due to get paid if they apply in this program.

Can the claim be renewed?

  • Yes it can be, but remember to send it in a few months before the credit expires Should this credit be paid back?
  • Yes but there is no obligatory deadline and the benefiters are only allowed to start payback when they can prove that their new income is well above the minimum.

How is this paid?

  • This is paid on a monthly basis by bank transfer either to a debit card account, savings account or Builders’ union or other pre-specified account.

Can someone claim this credit for someone else?

  • Yes in case the applicant is not in the position to claim it by him or herself. What to pay attention to?
  • To provide truthful, correct and punctual details or the request can result in the applicant having to pay a large sum for fraudulent behavior.

Hope you will learn a lot from the questions and the answers here and if you still would need more information, check out the information page on the governmental tax credit page where you also find a Hotline you can call for more assistance.