British Gas - brief history and facts

British Gas: brief history and facts

Although it has went through re-branding and re-marketing several times British Gas is still one of the largest conglomerates on the British gas oil industry. Having a wide array of offices and point of contacts in every part of the country, the company can offer and also guarantee quick services.

Not many people know however that apart from offering Gas to a building or an areas, as of this day it also offers electricity and a great arrange of repair services. As an extra you can freely get to order their home appliances ( including boilers, heaters and all sorts of appliance covers).

It is not a secret that by being in a large competition, the trump card of British Gas today are those customers who purchase their Home Services which the company is constantly working on as they can be worth a lot by all the users who can acquire their services within the area of the United Kingdom.

Home Services include the following:

  • HomeCare hearing products - including all sorts of heating, electronic and gas heating and even plumbing
  • Boiler and heating protection – also including safety covers
  • Energy conscious solutions: smart meters which helo define the total amount of energy ( gas and electricity) is used on a daily bases. As statistics show if people see a larger result they will from then on strive to try to make the results lower.
  • Hive Actice products and services: this is a heating controller that’s as new generation as it can possibly be - you can control your room temperatures also with your desktop and/or other portable devices: guaranteed to keep the temperature over time.
  • Hive Active energy saving lightbulbs, plugs and sensors: these all can be controlled from distance, with your mobile device or laptop or other desktop computer. This is two points for energy saving solutions.
  • Repair services: no matter it comes to repairing a boiler, a heater, electronics or any kitchen appliance you can freely call British Gas and let them know to arrive as soon as possible.
  • Electronic account: you can easily create your ownline account, check your payments, get your most current bill and further details of your overall energy usage.
  • Special services for builders or renovators of new homes.
  • Home insurance options: building and content related insurance, landlords’ insurance.

Apart from the above mentioned offers, British Gas has lots of different sorts of discounts, it offers for its customers. These regularly include cashback, a specific percentage off from the total sum of the amount and many more, depending on the day, the week or the season. Check out the website of British Gas to see all they have on offer, to register and/or to ask for a free quote.